A male individual that usually has more feminine qualities, is concerned what they look and dress like, and usually obsessed with gaining weight. Metrosexuals can usually be found at a restaurant eating only organic food choices and salads. Meat is a rare choice on a menu for a metrosexual rather prefer wild salmon. A metrosexual would be found going on shopping runs during their 30 minute office lunch instead of hanging out with the men discussing sports. They call themselved the ADONIS because they are not quite sure of what they really want...He might be gay, straight or bisexual, but this is utterly immaterial because he has clearly taken himself as his own love object and pleasure as his sexual preference
the metrosexual in a casual office atmosphere that dresses up in a suit wearing a pin on his lapel, while others are dressed in jeans 5 days a week. This individual in concerned about his butt looking too big in a pair of pants and always worried what his girfriends will think....
by figs99 November 19, 2013
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The term "Metrosexual" (Metropolitan Heterosexual) is defined by it's social psychological relationship to homophobia in it's counterpart: Rural Heterosexuality.

Isolated, these terms suggest the magnitude of personal contacts the metropolitan heterosexual (metro-sexual) encounters with lesbians and gay men represents higher altitudes of social acceptance for gay culture. Whereas, in less populated vicinities, (less people = less gays) heterosexuals will be less likely to accurately define the world entirely in heterosexual terms since they have less to compare their "straitness".
by Brinnie May 03, 2005
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A straight man that WAIT FOR IT.........can shop for himself and is concerned about how he looks.
Redneck dude: what are you, a fuckin queer?

Metrosexual guy: Just because I look better than you doesn't mean you have to be an ass.

Redneck dude: *glares and walks away*

Actual gay guy: mmmm well aren't we manly standing up for ourselves. *tries to make a move*

Metro guy: sorry dude I'm not gay.

Gay guy: wow you had me fooled!

Metro guy: that is an amazing jacket!
by thunder156 April 08, 2009
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Metrosexual man is a man who can be misunderstood to be a gay because he dresses so fasionably and takes care of his appreance. He spends money in purchasing fancy clothes which attract both men and women. He appears rich and intelligent.
by tonyhur February 18, 2007
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A man who spends more time in the bathroom, more money on hair & skin products, goes to the salon more, and has more culinary & interior decorating knowledge than most women.
by Krista December 18, 2003
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A gay man who can't get laid.
Alan: "Oh, we don't have to watch a movie, I've TiVo'd Glee!"

Charlie: "Terrific! I'm alone and miserable, and you want to torture me with hot chicks in cheerleading outfits."

Alan: "Singing hot chicks! It's Wang Chung week."

Charlie: "For God's sake, Alan. Why don't you just put on a pair of assless chaps and get it over with?"

Alan: "I'm not gay. I'm metrosexual."

Charlie: "That's just a gay man who can't get laid."
by Wonderfully Randomful December 05, 2014
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