Wank club which smells of pee, where the bouncers are dumb and the prices are high.

Don't go there, you'll come out smelling of all types of shit and sweating your bollocks off.
Wanna come to metros tonight?
Fuck off, I'd rather die.
by Nate April 26, 2005
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The greatest band of all time featuring Mark Davis, Kyle Michael, and David Humeniuk
--Did you see the Metro show last night?

--Yeah, it was awesome, they are the greatest band of all time.
by David Humeniuk December 14, 2004
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a guy who acts gay but has straight sexuality. you know, wears make up, talks to us girls, paints nails, cares about clean-ness, etc.
-that girl is dating a metro and now we think she's a les.

-metros confuzzle me
by T. Lex February 15, 2005
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Belfast city's 'new' bus service (at time of write)

nothing new, all they did was fuck up bus numbers, paint the buses pink and call it after a stright gay guy.

Most bus drivers are still cunts
'should we get the 103?'
'no, its 10C now.. no... wait... 10D.. SHIT'
by the1bigboy March 22, 2005
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1. the montreal way of saying subway, as in public transportation
2. a grocery store
1. i had to take 2 buses and a metro to get to la ronde

2. i bought some canadian dry over at metro
by DSHGKLAG May 28, 2005
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Look at that females pants they he!!a low she a metro
by ChingyzGirL05 October 14, 2003
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