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A legion of crazy 'cats', proud supporters of metallica's music that consider themselves diehard fans.
simon: i like metallica, but i sure hate st. anger.
sheri: and you consider yourself a metallicat?
by thishouseiscleanbaybee August 22, 2005
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A huge Metallica fan; never give up on them even though they are now old men, sort of.
I am a Metallicat because I have been a huge fan of theirs since 1993
by James August 24, 2003
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The photo inside the Metallica album Garage Inc. with the four horsemen dressed up like Human Nature. Creepy.
Wanna see Metallicats? Open up your Garage Inc...
by Heihachi_73 June 10, 2008
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1. A certain breed of Metallica fan where they like ALL their stuff, including the Load era and St. Anger. If you are a Metallica fan and do not like either of these, then you are not a Metallicat. It comes from the inside cover of Garage Inc, where the band members are dressed up like an old '50s band and it says, "The Metallicats. Covering all your favorites."

2. Something the urbandictionary author MetallilbangeR will never be because he is always accusing Metallica of "selling out" in each definition regarding the band. A true Metallica fan will appreciate all of Metallica's albums. A typical definition of his includes the following: "its SAD BUT TRUE that they sold out. st. anger sucks balls."
1. person1: What is your favorite Metallica album?
person2: It's hard to decide, I like all of them. I guess you can call me a Metallicat.

2. author MetallilbangeR: omfg, MetallicA used to be soooo good, too bad they sold out. It's sad but true.

me: You're call yourself a Metallica fan? More like a MetallilposeR.

Metallicats Unite!
by zuawg June 17, 2009
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