a person so obseesed with being more hardcore than his other metalhead companions that he will strive to buy the latest CKY t-shirts and sweatbands so he can pose with greater chance of being noticed by the general public as a metalhead, they are often so caught up in looking the part for others to see they do not pay proper attention to the music and there only sense of enjoyment in belonging to the movement is when someone says "lol you such a metalhead" and they shrug and say "na not really" their stomach does butterflies because you have acknowleged them.

they also swear over exessively.
metalhead 1- man i just bought the new CKY CD it ABSOLUTELY FUCKING RULES!!!!

metalhead 2- OH MY FUCKING GOD MAN i cant believe you got that first im a way better fan


other guy - couldnt you just listen to the CD you so desperatly squabble over

metalheads - *think*"other guy is such a poser hes just a fanboy were real metalheads"*think*

metalheads - goddamn fucking fanboy

other guy - im past caring, go home

metalhead 1- *thinks "he so thought i was a hardcore metalhead, fuck yea goddamn bastard pussy im so hardcore" *thinks*

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A person who has an extreme amount of body jewelry (specifically metal) located at the neck and above.
Extreme meaning 20 or more
Wow, check out that guys/girls jewelry, what a metalhead
by Mtlhd May 29, 2012
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when all you do is live, breath and worship death metal music. you also skate everynight . you also pop pain pills while listening to metal music while your skating. thats a metal head.....nothing better than being a metal head.
hey yo metal head.... did you take some of those pills before the concert last night? did you get ripped last night metal head?
by krazykid May 13, 2007
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the nick name for the boy in my town that i completely love! he also heads the ball so freakin much on the soccer field!
Nice header Metal Head!
Loverz ya!
by Kat<3! March 14, 2009
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