Metalhead: A metalhead is a fan of metal genre of music. Whether its mettalica,motley crue or motorhead they probably like . The sterotype is they party alot and are somewhat "hipsters".
Yay he wears mettalics shirts and listens to a lot of metal. He's probably a metalhead
by Crue boi May 03, 2018
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Metal Heads are guys or girls who wear ripped jeans blue or black,sometimes denim vests,cowboy boots,have mainly long hair{sometimes moptops}and have some kind of band appear like hats,shirts,or hoddys.Theres not many of them but there definietly the coolest group of people around{exept for new metal heads}.They keep to them selfs most of the time but can cause a seen sometimes and say stupid stuff.Also there not the brightest group of people.
Good Metal:Iron Maiden,Black Sabbath,Metallica,Slayer,Mega Death,tool,and Life of agony{1993-1997}.Its what real metal heads listen to.
Gay metal:slipnot,all that crap on headbangers ball,and and Nirvanna
by Vinny I September 17, 2005
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Very closed minded assholes with a penchant for all that is goth , lame and goth and gay and shitty and dark and evil and pussified.Anything that is not all goth and faggy sounding and/or looking the metal head will attack with intense hatred.Metal heads are goth fags who hate rock.The evidence for this is in how militantly they support all things goth and shitty sounding/looking while badmouthing the shit out of anything that isn't all dark and shitty and goth.
Metal Heads are fucked up little snot=nosed mama's boys/rich punks who have no ear for music and have no musical taste.They go by 'goth' alone when deciding on what constitutes 'metal' music.Whether or not the music is any good or not never enters into it.It's all about how goth it is and to me that means SHIT MUSIC but the metal head will swear up and down by this GOTH NOISE/SHIT MUSIC and defend it adamantly by stating how awesome the guitar solo is.I hope you now understand how metal heads are really militant GOTH FAGS who hate ROCK!!!!
by buttpluggers must die March 02, 2006
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more like mullet heads!!
also meth heads
Stupid metal heads have mullets and do meth,yes
especially in the 80's did they,yes
by Yoda yo! October 08, 2005
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so i'm randoming through urban one day and i read a definition for 4kids by metal head, and curious to see just how much of a loser this person is i clicked his name to find my suspicions confirmed
by GODshepard May 06, 2009
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metal heads go by what's popular and goth and give lots of thumbs down to anyone unpopular who takes a shit upon their fag-goth pussy shit noise wuss music

a metal head is nothing but yet another pussy conformist little fashionista bitch who follows whatever the crod says is cool

any metal head will like tons of shit bands

old-skool Rockers weed out the shit and only love all of the really good shit and we say whatever the fuck we want when we want and don't conform to what the man is selling

gay ass trends = brainwashing

real shit has staying power and isn't just some fetishey bullshit for braindead city tards with aids
i will smash your metal head on a fucking rock and piss on it
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the term metal head can refer to:

1. Someone who listens to crappy metal music and nothing else, and thinks that any other music is totally not hardcore enough for them. They often wear black hoodies and black tees with the names and logos of their awful bands on them.

2. The race of monsters that serve as the co-main antagonists of Jak II and Jak 3. Only two, Kor and Kaedan, have ever spoken and shown any sign of intellect, but somehow they are all more intelligent than the metal music fans that they share their name with.
Alix: So are we going to listen to that new album you bought in the car?
Jess: Naw, my brother's driving and he's a metal head and won't let me play anything that isn't 'hardcore' when he's around.

Bob: So are you into <name of band that doesn't suck>
Arsehole: No way, I'm a farking metalhead, I won't listen to that sorta pussy trash!

It's a helluva lot easier to kill metalheads than it is to kill the dark makers.
by billaryjoejoedavid1 December 25, 2010
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