Commonly, one who has long hair, a bad sense of fashion,needs a shower and to wash their hair and an overall hygiene overhaul. Usually wearing clothing that are all black, have spikes, and were purchased at hot topic
look for the faggiest, most pathetic looking kid at your school, there's your example

John: Hey, what the hell is wrong with that kid? Is he homeless or something?

Jack: No, he's just a metalhead. I guess showers are too "mainstream" for him.

John: I guess deodorant is "mainstream" to. Fuck, he smells like shit.
by niggersticker5150 December 09, 2008
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Metalheads, love heavy metal//hardrock//Other types of music.
A classic metalhead stereotype is that metalheads are satanic, not true. But, some metalheads are satanic. This isnt the worst stereotype out of all the cliques.
Metalheads are also known to add crazy things to their wardrobe ((most people wouldnt even think about doing this. Adding spikes and studs, chains and leather. but, some metalheads do not live up to what other people expect them to look like. For example, people think metalheads are super violent, not entirely true. People think metalheads are not friendly, not entierly tue. I think metalheads are super cool and really sic!!
"dude, that metalhead is super fucking violent, look she's moshing"
via giphy
by ravenSKULLS July 24, 2016
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Usually a kid named dominc and he has corn nuts teeth and he is a bitch boy and nobody likes him also his mom has no job and he has a pimple face with pimple juice dripping down from his face
Dominc shut the fuck up metal head bitch boy pimple face.
by Dominc is a little bitch boy December 04, 2019
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We're dirty, we drink beer, we smoke marijuana, we go to shows, we fuck people up in the pit, we like other fucking genres of music, we shred, we smoke mulls and we drive like assholes.

well, atleast my metalhead friends do.

the rest are whatever.
Gabe: *throws up his liver*
Jack: *throws up small intestine*
Michael: Dude, that puke is fucking METAL.

metalheads, fuck yeah.
by cannabliss August 16, 2007
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Here's the real definition:
Someone who listens to or will listen to "ANY" metal at all regardless of how lame , gay or shitty it is , how sucky it is , how posery it is , how bad it sounds , how attrocious or horrid or retarded or gay the singing or vocals is , or how bad its message is or how pointless and stupid the lyrics are.If you find any of these people's taste in music suspect they will just claim that you don't know metal or that you just don't understand it because you are mainstream and therefore you don't understand how underground it is.A metalhead is afraid to call any metal bad.In their eyes every metal band that has ever existed is good.That's why you will find most listening to shit music like GnR , Motley Crue , Iron Maiden , Mercyful Fate , Slipknot or Lamb of God unashamedly rather than admit that they suck.
a metalhead has bad taste
by ha hahahahahahaha September 08, 2006
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A Metalhead is simply put,a fag and a pussy who has shitty fucking taste in music.
Metalheads are extreme fags who are stuckup,arrogant,and proud to listen to shitty music.And they are just plain ugly and ignorant.
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metal heads go by what's popular and goth and give lots of thumbs down to anyone unpopular who takes a shit upon their fag-goth pussy shit noise wuss music

a metal head is nothing but yet another pussy conformist little fashionista bitch who follows whatever the crowd says is cool

any metal head will like tons of shit bands

old-skool Rockers weed out the shit and only love all of the really good shit and we say whatever the fuck we want when we want and don't conform to what the man is selling

gay ass trends = brainwashing

real shit has staying power and isn't just some fetishey bullshit for braindead city tards with aids
I will smash your metal-head on a fucking rock and piss on it.

ROCK & FUCKING ROLL you little satanic pimples.

I will burn you and then do a 10 minute solo.
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