A meta to prove that shotguns are the best guns in R6. Backed up by Lt.Custard.
*Gets 4k with a shotgun* That's the power of the shotgun meta.
by JabbaBoV December 9, 2020
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A great weapon at player verses player combat. Usually the weapons that kill fastest or most.
"Dude, this guy just killed me with a fusion from like 2 miles away!"
"He's probably using Erintel FR4. its the PvP meta."

-Some Destiny 2 Players
by GreenPewdiepie June 27, 2019
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Reconciles panchronicity and panchrony.
Pan-meta theory explains why color creates music in terms of reflection.
by zanderfin October 29, 2019
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Theory of everything.

Theory that infinity^infinity dimensions moving at uncountable speed creates an orthogonal circle.
Pan-meta theory meets avant-nihilism which comes from the future. In avant-nihilism, a circle of shine is created if an infinite number of colors are deposited into the circle.

Pan-meta theory proffers that a plurality of multiverses reduces perfectly into a universe.
by zanderfin July 5, 2020
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Paradigm that individual intention is modular. Occasionally, the theory of everything.

An addendum to triene-ism.

Pan-meta theory is an infinite line of equally long-discrete-parts that curves from trans-infinite space to super-symmetry.
The paradigm that states that human intention contains its pre-requisite definitions is triene-ism. In other words; you are missing material things or memories; but the STRUCTURE of YOUR intentions stays intact.

At no point is your intention missing its components.

Pan-meta theory; more than a stand-alone theory; is an appendix to triene-ism which adds a universal-contingent of modularity to intention.
by flightfacilities May 17, 2022
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A term that describe the things that are "hot" and trendy today. Being used very often while analyzing the most effective strategy for any game, but can also be used to describe the most popular, innovative and in a high demand items or ideas that everyone likes.
Dude 1: "Bruh! Every second girl on the street is wearing those back zipper jeans, what's up with that??"
Dude 2: "That's the hottest thing today, bruh! If you're a girl and you don't follow the Current Meta you're pretty much nobody"
by RolloBruh January 7, 2019
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