Person who does not ascribe to any gender, race, or form at all.
Sally has no assumed form, she is very meta.
by recursion1122 October 30, 2021
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If you suddenly meet someone with the surname meta run as far as you can and do not watch back. This kin is crazy and idiotic.
Meta omeleta
by Johnny English° November 20, 2021
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Mark Zuckerberg changed facebooks name to Meta yet everyone still refers to it as Facebook.
Gabriel: do you use Meta?
Ashley: what the living hell is that?
by _Vortexx November 23, 2021
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That company that retarded a generation with a monopoly.

And when someone diorear's on someone's face.
It was a 69, then because of food poisoning she did a Meta on me.
by Rilighan March 18, 2022
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A ride or die friend or family member or a cow.
“Aye you got the money” “ya one sec my meta’s getting it”.
by Meta’s for meat May 19, 2019
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Chad: The Name Meta is so stupid
Dhar Mann: I Know Right, They should have kept it Facebook.
by Let’sGoRangers October 28, 2021
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We all know it is Facebook under that name change.

A company that knows more about you than yourself.

A data collecting company.
Person 1: I hate the company Facebook!
Person 2: Do you mean Meta?
Person 1: WTF is Meta?
Person 2: Meta is just the new company name for Facebook.
Person 1: Still Facebook in my eyes.
Person 2: Yup.
by TheOnlyAnt January 4, 2022
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