Someone who has a much better voice than body.
A- I finally got to meet that chick I met online.
B- The one with sexy voice?
A- Yeah, bro. It was disappointing. She looks she's made from blocks.
B- Sounds like you got mermaided, my dude.
by Wordsexual September 21, 2019
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a slang term of Filipinos for someone who is gay, or someone who has gay attributes, or someone who is feminine or effeminate, or can be some boy who looks very pretty.
Mark has gorgeous long hair and his skin is so smooth, he looks better than a girl. He must be a mermaid

He looks like those Korean boys that look like girls, he must be a mermaid
by somesickdream9 April 21, 2017
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A girl who smells a bit fishy in her nether regions.
Boy: I tried to go down on a mermaid a few nights ago but I couldn't handle the smell! Hasn't she heard of hygiene?
by Olivicat February 05, 2011
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