A virgin girl, usually prude yet, gorgeous.
"Why can't I ever keep a boyfriend!" Probably because your a mermaid.
by Tiggerely April 12, 2011
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Is a mystical creature that's human, but from the waist down, has an aquatic tail, and bigger lungs for swimming in the ocean. Mermaid being (female), and Merman being (male). They were probably mistaken for manatees in ancient times.

The word is also used nowadays to describe people that completely love the beach, also known as a beach rat.
I once knew a mermaid, she loved sex on the beach.
by Shapeshifter89 February 02, 2014
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A mermaid is a half fish half woman fictional creature. Top half is woman and bottom is fish tail. They are often very pretty but some are scary. The scary ones are sirens and they lure sailors to the rocks to crash.
Look at that mermaid underwater!! She's so beautiful!
via giphy
by Supagurlava December 26, 2015
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(n) a lady who enjoys frolicking in the ocean, or any water body, in the form of swimming, snorkelling and diving. Typically wears her long hair braided with seaweed tangled in it. Other characteristics include sandy and salty ears, surf nose and a full smile due to immersing herself in the wonders of the ocean floor.
1: "That girl always goes to the beach but I never see her on the surf."
2: "That is because she is a mermaid"
by noodie August 07, 2015
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acquired immune (or immuno-)deficiency syndrome: a condition, caused by a virus, in which certain white blood cells (lymphocytes) are destroyed, resulting in loss of the body's ability to protect itself against disease. Merm-Aids is transmitted by sexual intercourse, through infected blood and blood products, and through the placenta. Gay Mermen are at high risk of contracting Merm-Aids. The first known case of Merm-Aids was documented in 2005 when Ray William Johnson stuck his dick in a Blowfish. We'll miss you hootie
Don't touch Ray William Johnson, he has Merm-aids. Maybe Elton John will write a song about it.
by Fat Diction August 21, 2012
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(n): a word used to describe a woman that is gorgeous from the waste up but is anywhere from slightly fishy to smelling like a fishing boat below the waste. i.e. A woman who possesses a fishy vagina
Hey Corry, that girl that you hooked up with, was she as good as she looked?
"Nah she was a mermaid..."
Im sorry bro better luck next time
by Baracuda052 December 27, 2011
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