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From a company merger, a disease known as “merger fatigue” occurs when an employee (which epidemic quickly spreads to others) of the “mergered” company will lose their job at some unscheduled yet certain time in the near future causing disorientation with this lengthy process. As the Trojan horse is rolled in, sharks circle the dead carcass limp in the deep waters of the corporate world for a feeding frenzy; weariness of an employee due to the diminution and irritability of the fact that one’s once prominent work has been diminished to the repetitive conditions of detailing so other’s may receive credit and take over that work.

Sometimes companies move too slowly because of “merger fatigue”, where employees tire of the rigors of concentrated focus and continuous effort. That, in turn, slows movement and progress, and what should take one or two months to accomplish ends up taking a year.
How does this work? I would have never thought of this – something so complicated yet made so simple. We need to have this, can you show us all you know? Policy dictates we comply; yet “merger fatigue” blames the CEO of selling us out for millions in several years of large bonuses and salaries, and a position on the Board of Directors of the purchasing company, while company employees get severance pay only if they stay to complete the company dismantlement and absorption, and providing cooperation with the other company’s employees to complete this task. - Thinking: Corporate America Nowadays, Corporate Greed, Golden Parachute, Who's the Last One To Turn Out The Lights?!?
by cheyenne bodie July 22, 2009
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