A Puerto Rican boy band that found worldwide success during the 1980's, later adding members from other countries as well.
Menudo was my favorite band
El grupo Menudo es mi grupo favorito
by Antonio Santiago September 13, 2016
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When you wake after a night of heavy drinking feeling extremely elated and still a little drunk.
Guy 1: Hey look I brought you some coasters from the dining hall!

Guy 2: What the fuck?!?! Those are pieces of cake.

Guy 3: Don't worry about him, he's really menudo.
by feeling good akon December 10, 2008
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A heart to heart moment shared between two or more guys that lasts only for a brief moment.
Bob - Just wait for me, Jim and I need a menudo.

Dave - I fucking love you guys!

Rick - Dave, you drunk, Dont make this a Menudo.
by Ghost Bears December 23, 2011
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