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Mental love is when you're so much in love with a person that you really can't stop thinking about that special someone. When they're away from you, you go crazy and can't control the feeling you get in your chest longing for him/her. Mental love is like an illness. An obsession of love you have for someone. It could lead you to commit suicide at times when you miss that person. It could lead you to not function and every day life. Mental love can have its negatives and positives. It could affect the way you sleep. Positively, warm comforting dreams of the one you love or negatively, no sleep at all because you miss them. Mental love is basically a love that effects your mentality of functioning in every day activity or thoughts. This also could relate to love sickness.
She was lost in thought thinking about the man she loved, dread filled her heart because she haven't heard from him in a while. The love she had for him was mental love. She eventually destroyed her pillow to release the loneliness she felt in her heart.
by Kuleara November 11, 2013
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