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The energy formed with the creation of memes. Specifically, when a meme is formed, a certain amount of neutral energy is split into equal parts memetic energy and normie energy.

Memetic Energy also follows the Three Laws of Memetic Energy which go as follows:

The Law of Memetic Energy's Neutralization states that Memetic Energy, when not contained within a vessel we know as a 'meme' or a 'memer', will eventually combine with free normie particles to form neutral particles.

Memetic Energy can only come from Memetic Energy, it cannot be create or destroyed, only transferred or converted

The Law of Memetic Energy Origination states that Memetic Energy cannot be created from nothing, however, it can be separated from neutral particles, creating equal amounts of normie energy and Memetic Energy.
The memetic energy formed from that meme was too great for the normies to handle.
by Neidhardt March 26, 2017
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