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When a joke or phrase is lost on someone, especially ones from the internet.
Dude A: Want to go *nom nom nom* at that expensive restaurant by the beach?

Dude B: What the hell is that?

Dude A: Apparently a meme fail; want to go out to eat?
by MaxwellsDemon February 15, 2012
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A memefail denotes the occasion when your complete ineptitude at finding an appropriate meme in particular, and at life in general, stares you in the face and you hate yer existence. Alternatively, a memefail can also be used to refer to the inept subject who is a general failure at life.
Mr. Dundleby, your memefails are so ridiculous, you shouldn't be allowed anywhere near memes. Like ever.

Rhonda's such a memefail, and not just on the internet.
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by anotherimbaud November 19, 2019
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