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Similar to a fuc boi but more specific. One who tries to speak in dank memes but fails horribly.
John ain't nothin' but a punk-ass Meme Boy.

Lance ain't a Meme Boy tho, them memes are dank AF.
by Prime Memeister January 25, 2016
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A meme boy is someone whose entire personality and sense of humor is trying to be edgy and offensive and β€œfunny”, years after that style of humor was really acceptable. They enjoy iDubbbz, Filthy Frank (or Pink Guy), and possibly Pewdiepie (though they miss his old annoying videos). A meme boy is a nuisance to society and does not deserve acknowledgment.
Meme Boys are not funny, their humor is dry and outdated and their jokes don’t deserve acknowledgment.

β€œWow, can you belive Aaron just told me a 9/11 joke in 2019?”

β€œBro what? God, he’s such a meme boy.”
by peepee1poopoo2 February 25, 2019
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A person who has the qualities required to go viral on the Internet.
"You see that Luv guy? He's absolutely a memeboy, he went viral last week.
by popoley March 28, 2017
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Can be confused with a fuckboy visually, but is actually a meme master. It shares no characteristics with the fuckboy or e-boy except appearance.
Man John is such a meme-boy,
I thought he was a fuckboy but he was just a really nice meme-boy
by SkedeX April 09, 2019
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