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A person who posts and reposts memes everyday on Facebook and Twitter hoping to get a rise out of people and change their political stances and/or religious views. These people rarley if never go outside of their homes and do any real activism such as collecting names for a petition, holding signs, occupying spaces to make statements, majoring in politics in college and actually proposing or changing laws. They usually are just bummed out with the way things are going in life because their lack of work ethic, self sacrifice, and overall poor life decisions have led them to feel as though someone else is to blame and the best way they can get back at them is to post a meme on Facebook.
Dude, everyday this meme activist posts another shitty meme thinking it'll lead to some real change in the world. I wonder what he does for a living? Is he contributing to anything at all in society?
by Black tar heroine March 04, 2018
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