a source of information that targets stupid news instead of REAL news. media is the reason why people are still miserable in war torn countries like the democratic republic of the congo and ghana and communist/facist societies like north korea because the stupid american's are soooooooooo concidered about what katie holmes is doing instead of sending funds to developing nations who desperately need it.
while mindless americans drool at E! looking at hugh hefner's slutty concubines, thousands of people are going hungry and are being slaughtered in dufur.

(sarcastically) thank you media!
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e July 27, 2006
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Sources of (subjective) information (plural). All media are more or less biased, so it's up to you to filter that bias and try to find the least biased sources.

Media is the plural of medium, although this fact is usually disregarded. Point this out to people if you want to feel superior.
Person A: I watch Fox News because it gives me the important events of the world in an exciting package.
Person B: Fox News is more biased than any official government channel would dare to be.
Person A: It's a media - of course it's biased. It's doesn't matter which media I use.
Person B: Why don't you learn the difference between a plural and a singular before trying your hand at logic.
by Pietari Seppänen June 01, 2005
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an unrelible source for information exspecialy on the political scene
Fox news
journalists that are bushes payroll
anybody who is trying to get a politcal veiwpoint across weather it be democrat or Republican on the news.
by johnyhoff March 04, 2005
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One who can see and/or talk to spirits. Often misunderstood or mocked, or even shunned. But they are like anybody else. And they are just as normal as the rest of us. They arn't retarded or deluded, but Amazing and Gifted. We are out there, and we arn't insane. Get to know one of us.
Paige is a Medium. She speaks to spirits and sees them almost everywhere, but we love her anyways.
by Spirit Girl August 22, 2010
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Ancient country, the inhabitants of which, the Medians, ruled over an empire stretching from Asia Minor (modern day Turkey) to the Indus Valley in India. The Medians closest relatives today are the Kurds.

Unfortunately, as with most Kurdish history which supports the fact that the Kurds have lived in their current homeland for thousands of years, a lot of evidence has been hidden/destroyed when the Kurds, like so many forgotten peoples, were trying to be assimilated and wiped out, forgotten. But they're not!

And we still know our history bastards!!! Can't hide the truth...
They're mentioned many times in the bible...
by Yowassup May 17, 2005
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1. adj. mediocre, fine, not great, okay, so-so
2. adv. mediocrely, in a not so great manner

Usually accompanied by a so-so hand gesture and often used to denote when a previous statement is untrue or only half-true.
-Dude, that chick is totally hot.

I was thinking about going to the beach today, but then I realized I was only medium psyched.
by misstrionics June 08, 2005
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