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A housewife whose perception of reality is derived from the news media (conservative or liberal, doesn't matter) and popular pseudoscience like Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil.

Because they have stayed indoors for many years in the age of social media and media saturation, media moms soak up the perception - however false it may be - that television creates. They may own nearly all of Dr. Oz's books, along with Dr. Phil and subscribe to Oprah Magazine. They buy many supplements and vitamins based on what Dr. Oz has said, regardless of the lack of rigor scientific evidence. They believe the world is getting worse by the minute despite the evidence of the contrary, solely because they are bombarded by negative news reports from the television on a daily basis. Lastly, media moms also tend to share or believe many false or exaggerated news articles on Facebook or other social media sites.

Media moms ultimately suffer from many cognitive biases, and they are very much set in their ways.
"My mother is such a media mom. Look how much money she wasted on vitamins because of Dr. Oz's special the other day."
by Scotty McGeester December 07, 2016
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