large or rotund person that suffers from heavy perspiration after eating large quantities of meats.
a meat sweat occurs from eating too much hamburger flesh which results in heavy sweating
by Bennett Wellington May 28, 2009
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Sweating brought on by consuming 2lbs of wings, 2lbs of sausage, and a full rack of ribs from Earl's Rib Palace.
I got the Kickoff Carryout deal at Earl's for $50, and got a major case of the meat sweats!
by Earl the Pig September 19, 2016
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When you perspire heavily cuz your really nervous about meating someone.
I had a backstage pass to the Justin Bieber concert, but when he came over to talk to me I got a bad case of the meat sweats.
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The art of attending your favorite pizza establishment and ordering a significant portion of protein, usually pork, then sweating like it's going out of fashion.
Damn son, I've got me a case of the meatsweats.

Yep that'll do it, I'm meatsweating.

Holy meatseats, that was a ton of bacon.
by Meatsweatin' Michael December 30, 2013
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sweating while eating some form of hot food containing meat, eg pies and pasties

usually an uncomfortable experience being too hot and sweating while eating hot meat
matt - "hows your pie john?"
john - "nice but getting some horrible meat sweats"
by mr t pully July 04, 2009
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Man I was on this girl the other night, but she slipped right out of my hands. She had severe meat sweats
by Feel good meaty September 30, 2017
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When you wake up and there is an imprint of yourself made of sweat on your bed. Recently used by Grayson Dolan to describe his sleeping experience. Word was invented by Ethan Dolan
via giphy
by BeankaQueen December 10, 2017
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