Contrary to popular belief, the meat sweats are not in related to consuming excessive amounts of meat in a short period of time.

Meat sweats (and their various degrees of intensity) refer to how hard you are tripping after ingesting LSD/mushrooms. These effects can be intensified by smoking marijuana.

Meat sweats are ranked in terms of "hands." 1st hand meat sweats, 2nd hand meat sweats, and so forth. Anything past 5th hand meat sweats is considered to be "crisis mode" i.e. tripping too hard for comfort, stuck in thought loops, etc.
"Dude how was your trip last night?"

"Aw man, I dropped 3 tabs of acid and then smoked a blunt, the meat sweats were hittin' hard... we're talking at least 4th, maybe even 5th hand meat sweats"
by denny434 February 7, 2021
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Man I was on this girl the other night, but she slipped right out of my hands. She had severe meat sweats
by Feel good meaty September 30, 2017
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A negative reaction from external stimuli as a result from a traumatic, violent blow to the anus by forceful intercourse.
Ardez saw FRANK the other day and his asshole immediately tensed while breaking into uncontrollable meat sweats.
by Jayhalili162 November 1, 2006
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large or rotund person that suffers from heavy perspiration after eating large quantities of meats.
a meat sweat occurs from eating too much hamburger flesh which results in heavy sweating
by Bennett Wellington May 28, 2009
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sweating while eating some form of hot food containing meat, eg pies and pasties

usually an uncomfortable experience being too hot and sweating while eating hot meat
matt - "hows your pie john?"
john - "nice but getting some horrible meat sweats"
by mr t pully July 4, 2009
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Meat sweats

When you wake up and there’s an imprint of yourself in sweat on your bed
by Dolanspearl December 10, 2017
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When your male genitalia becomes ungodly erect but there's nothing you can do about, usually because you are attending a family gathering or at that damn neighbor boy's bar mitzvah. The massive amount of potential energy bottles up inside you, causing you to sweat in the most unusual places
"I got the meat sweats" exclaimed Timmy, alerting everyone at the funeral
by Puffem'N'Stuffem27 January 20, 2015
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