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noun: a bout of diarrhea that comes on so quickly and ferociously that one would stop at any location with a working toilet- even a Mean Gene restaurant in the middle of West Virginia.

also used to describe any horrible fecal experience
I hope that aint a mean gene comin' on because we are miles from toilet paper.

Damn dude, I just dropped a mean gene that almost made me cry.
by Chester NoSeeds January 21, 2006
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The act of yelling at your sons friends while their playing Marco pollo in your dingy swimming pool that so happens to be green.
So the other day I was playing in Kevin’s pool and his dad came out and pulled a Mean Gene
by Jordi El Niño August 03, 2019
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The gene that is passed down by blacks that makes their people naturally violent and mean.
Mean Black: I'm a mean black with a tennis racket! You gonna get raped!

White Woman: Oh great, his mean gene is acting up.
by Margie Corder September 23, 2009
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Some say the name doesn’t fit him because he is an easy going gentle giant of a man! Loyal to a fault, however if provoked he will unleash hell on you!
DANG, did you see that? He just put the Mean Gene upside his head!

You don’t tug on Super Man’s Cape, you don’t spit into the wind, you don’t pull the mask off of the Lone Ranger and you don’t mess around with Mean Gene!
by Unakaus January 01, 2019
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