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Response to annoying callers
Caller: I'm calling about our new offer.. If you'll hear me out
Me: Ah , me me big boy
by nachoscuztheyretasty March 06, 2017
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Created by Youtuber "jacksfilms", this phrase is originally used in response to annoying business callers. To use the phrase, one simply speaks as normal but substitutes all words with "me me big boy" while keeping the tone in their voice of the words ordinarily spoken.

This is executed to drive away the callers and annoy them just as much as they annoy you.
Caller: Hello, I'm calling on behalf of the "No One Cares" foundation. How are you today?
Big Boy: Me me big boy! Ah, me me big boy?
by spookaholic June 21, 2017
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A response for annoying people or someone you hate
Person: Oh my gosh I haven't seen you in so long. You've grown so much
You: Me Me Big Boy
via giphy
by Pink Cunt March 26, 2017
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A saying that Jacksfilms (our lord and savior) says when he needs backup in a fight against the Hulk.
Oh sh*t its the Hulk, ME-ME BIG BOY *cough* MEEEEEMEEEEEEEE BIIIIIIIIIG BOYYYOOOOOOOOOOOY (help descends from the heavens)
by The Meme Bin June 06, 2018
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A meme started by popular youtuber/ unemployed person called jacks films with a big following which is into dark humor,dead memes, and huge 4heads the youtubers demographic is edgy 12 year olds too proof this" i watch him and im 12"
Edgy pre-teen"Me me big boy"*shit post on tumbler*
by jk swagggggins August 23, 2017
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say some gagster is dis-ing your fly girl. you just give them one of this
that me me big boy is such a suck
by Tyler Boi 2020\ March 14, 2017
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