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a 10,000 member church just outside washington, dc that is very focused on reaching the community, through meeting the needs of community members and advertizing, such as the so what? commercials on many washington radio stations.
The traffic jam on Route 7 happened because McLean Bible Church just let out.
by bolt November 14, 2004
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a large church that confuses most of the people who see it. Unknown to most of these people, large churches are ALL OVER the united states, with 20-25 churches this size in Atlanta alone.

"Bible church" is not a denomination, and as such mclean bible church answers to no church body on policy but believes in the bible alone as the source of "church polcy"
why does mclean bible church have video games and a gym in church? does that still count as church?

If it teaches the word of God, and if Jesus is the focus, then why not use video games to attract people who might otherwise not come?

who says church has to be boring?
by peaches May 30, 2005
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the largest non-lethal cult in the known world(as of yet, im still waiting) something like 10,000 culteeers go there each sunday to be sodomized on mass scale.
d00d did u hear, some fucker donated their yearly taive of fuckin $13 mil, what the fuck, if that dont seal it as a cult, what the fuck does?
by QiRhOt December 13, 2004
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If this isnt a cult then why do they try to convert everyone and have starbucks, arcade and huge parkinglot to get people to come. The people who go there are very opinionated and wont take anything you say into consideration tho they may pretend to listen. Ive seen peop-le change alot after they go there, they display the same behavior as in someone who is hipnotized or brainwashed
My close friend went to mclean bible church and i proved a part of christianity wrong with intelligent argumment and he got frustrated and strangeled me because he was helpless.
by TC Montegue December 14, 2004
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a church that has grown big and fast and anyone who doesnt go to church at all calls it a cult, but really more people go to it than dont. like 3,000 people go there.

besides, if that many people go there, how can it be a cult?
if u think MBC is a cult than u obviously havent gone there but hate it because everyone else does
by peaches July 24, 2004
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