A Southern term used for the expression of happyness or excitement or just meaning that something is super cool.
by JTizzle254 February 06, 2009
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A word that has been exclamed after every phrase that Michael, Drew and Chad say. This word is the equivalent of the word "Man," in a deeper more formal tense.
1. "Chad just tripped in the hallway mayne!"
2. "Safety mayne!"
3. "I'm from Virginia mayne!"
4. "You might be a redneck if your nipple has ever been bitten off by a beaver mayne!"
6. "I'm a cowboy mayne!"
7. "Jacob's eatin' cheetos mayne!"
8. "Listen to me mayne!"
9. "Skiddlyboop mayne!"
10. "Where'd my dOritos go mayne!"
11. "Mrghhghghhghghrhghh mayne!"
12. "Forizzle mayne!"
13. "Yo Mr. Johnson mayne!"
14. "C to the Ody playin some game mayne!"
15. "That's so funny.......Mayne!"
by Mike May 17, 2004
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Alex: Yo man those new kicks are mayne, where'd you get them?
Logan: I ordered them special, they're limited edition
by Kylie and Jennifer October 15, 2012
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A man able to treat a woman right, or at least satisfy her sexually
Suzie was hot to trot, looking for a Mayne!
by rfr June 08, 2006
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Mayne is a term that druggies use to refer to one another.
Sort of like a code word.
are you from Mayne?
by Mr. Eastwood October 12, 2010
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