To sexually exite yourself until you reach a climax. With males it involves using their hand to 'jack off', that is holding their dicks and moving their hand back and forth. Females usually use their fingers to rub around and enter the vaginal area.
"His girlfriend was miles away and he was very loyal so whenever he got horny he masturbated to satiate his thirst for sexual activity"
by Little Blue Patakha January 15, 2003
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to increase the surface temperature of your ship's main cannon with rapid linear motion
I masturbated and sunk your battleship
by tae April 26, 2003
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Here's more: Again, to grease the rod, to squash the bug, to shake hands with your penis, to squeeze the eclair, to fuck oneself, to awaken the slumbering giant, to flick the dick, to practice ju-dick-su, to train oneself in kung-penis, to play one's oboe, to rob the sperm bank, as well as take out a loan from one's sperm bank, to make your elephant laugh so hard that he squirts milk through his trunk, to shoot the shit, to cockadoodledoo, to make your worm sneeze, to visit the fountain of youth, to take a trip to Mexico with only one pair of underwear, to spray the butter, to spray the Cool-Whip, to get your "smack" on, to pump the hydrant, to evacuate one's testicles, to question the Mauve Avenger, to do the math, to calculate pi, to pleasure oneself manually, to practice stick-shift, to open the stairway to heaven, to save the whale, to squirt the mayonnaise, to attempt to reach orgasm in solitude (although not always), to climb/hike up pleasure mountain,to slap the Puerto Rican, to pour the salad dressing, to give an angel its wing, to kill a mockingbird. And there are still more to come (pun intended)!
by Master Chesco April 21, 2004
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chances are, you probably already know what masturbate means, and you're just looking it up to find out how to make yourself feel better. so, if you are a guy, wrap your fingers and thumb around your penis, and move it up and down. another way is to wrap your hand around your penis with one hand, while creating a "lip" shape with the other. usually this is done by putting your index and thumb finger together. now, the "lip" hand is on top of the penis, while the other hand is underneath. now, slide your hands up and down.

for girls, start by putting your finger (usually index or middle) half-way into your vagina. then move it around in circles. this will get your blood pumping. then, go further in, and start moving your finger in and out of your vagina. now, add a 2nd or 3rd finger, and thrust them into your vagina. when they are inside, jerk your fingers up and down, rather than in and out.

you can also fold a pillow in half, and hump away. it feels better if you put a can, or something hard in the pillow. you can also try this. put your heel under your ass, and into where you vagina is. rub away.
oh i love to masturbate when no one is home.
by i have lots of fun February 09, 2008
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MEN: to slowly (or quickly) rub your penis until white stuff appears. Feels really good.

WOMEN: to rub your vagina or clitoris.
You can use dildos and vibrators, too.
Takes longer than men
by wakalakalover45 March 28, 2005
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erotic stimulation especially of one's own genital organs commonly resulting in orgasm and achieved by manual or other bodily contact exclusive of sexual intercourse, by instrumental manipulation, occasionally by sexual fantasies, or by various combinations of these agencies
From Latin word masturbatus
"I like to masturbate when i cant get laid"
by Tucker April 20, 2004
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