M.A.S.T.U.R.B.A.T.E is short for Modern Arts Standardization from Ultra Rare Academic of Thoughts and Elements, a organization that stardardize the art for every uses and academic uses.
Bro, I want to MASTURBATE.

Dude, you can go to M.A.S.T.U.R.B.A.T.E, there are lots of works for you to use.
by My2ndAngelic November 18, 2015
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1. When a naughty little man is feeling horny and so he plays with his baboingaboing whilst veiwing pornography.
2. When a lonely, horny girl pretty much fingers herself, usually while thinking of something exciting or having cybersex.
3. Something all guys do. usually cause they cant get laid.
1. With his girlfriend away, Kobu mastubated every night while thinking of her.
2. Maria, the star tuba player in her band class, enjoys her monday nights masturbating in front of the computer instead of practicing.
3. Cameron (female): do you masturbate?
John: um YES!!
Cameron: OMG me too!!
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