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One thing that struck me as odd is the use of the term "anarchist-communist." Many people associate the two words with one another apparently because both represent radical movements, when, in reality, both are completely opposite. Think about it. A communist is someone who thinks that the government should have total control over every aspect of the nation and its economy. An anarchist is pretty much the exact opposite, since they think that there should be NO government, so how the fuck can you associate the two when they're both completely contradictory to one another? Actually, in a way, I can see both movements being similar to each other, in terms of that they're both fucking equally insane.
When a musician tells his fans to steal his album in order to "undermine the system," you just know that his music has to suck.
by C-can January 30, 2004
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To be a rebellious hardocre anarchist-communist by buying mass-produced anarchy patches and spiked jewlery from CAPITALIST stores such as Hot Topic. Basically, rebellion against capitalism created by capitalism to produce profits.

Good job, capitalists. :-) You really convinced those morons to give you money. Gotta hand it to you.
Duuuude, we're hellllla sick. We got these anarchy patches and angry T-Shirts from Hot Topic. Linkin Park is so cool man, their whiny angst about being rich and white and upper-middle class really gets through my thick skull to my dead brain, dude. YEaaaah.
by Fuck You Script Kiddies! January 26, 2004
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