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the current trend, where people buy clothes in order to be "different" like every one else. very annoying. instead of everyone wearing abercrombie to be cool, they are wear fake little punk or emo clothes from places like hot topic. signs of this terrible trend are super clean converses, band shirts when the wearer has never heard of the band, and anyone who thinks avril lavigne is punk. this trend is really screwing up life for those who might actually be individual, and arent that way just to be like everyone else.
girl all in abercrombie (to identical best friend): hey do you want to go to hot topic and get some of those striped leggings everyone is wearing? well look so individual.
friend: sure, wed be like the coolest people ever. so edgy. lets get an avril lavigne shirt too!

teens follow trend of mass produced individualism. dare to be different because youre friends are.
by sydneyvicious September 30, 2007
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