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A caring girl with nice plump full lips, that make you consider lip fillers. She's always looking to please everyone as she has a big heart. You always find her eating yet somehow she manages never to fatten up, she's tall and beautiful. Her personality will make you fall in love the moment you meet her and you will wonder how you could live without her. She's lowkey a hoe but that's okay because thats what makes you love her even more.
Emanuel: Yo is that a Maryuri? She's gorgeous!

Yep that's definitely a Maryuri!
by Celestia_Reeds March 14, 2017
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Beautiful girl with the biggest heart capable of completely forgive those who've hurt her. She's talented, smart, kind, sweet, and wild. She's one of those people you always want to be around of, one you can always count on, and one who will stand by you even when no one does. Maryuri is just the best girl one can have in their life.
Maryuri is a truly unique girl every guy that meets her falls for her as she's like perfection.
by Lisandro4 May 17, 2018
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