Mary's is a really outstanding person.She's also a loving person.She can joke around yet she always make people smile.She's a really beautiful and unique person.
She also is the best girl to a guy.She's a really intelligent young lady.She has a true heart.
Friend:God look Mary can help make me smile.
by gwhuilhg December 31, 2014
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A girl who is the nicest and sweetest. She always cares for others even if they don't care for her. She's the most adorable in all the world.
Guy: Dude, she gave me her lunch today. I didn't have one
Guy 2: you don't even talk to her!
Guy: I know. She's such a Mary
by GoooddsamKa December 19, 2013
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The girl that loves people for who they are. Always looked to as a friend or someone to get help from.
Man 1:"How about that girl Mary?"

Man2: "Oh she's definitely a keeper."

Man 1: "Boy she is fine."
by JJBizzle March 25, 2010
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A Mary is someone who seems shy, quiet, and frightened at everything but when you get to know her she is really outgoing, talkative, and brave. Holy because of her name, she will stay an innocent angel, never doing anything wrong. A Mary is a great singer, sweet and caring, and optimistic. Either a Cheerleader or a Popular Prep. Girly. Usually a peacemaker. Ditzy and unaware of pervy things going on. Lives in her own world.
Person: "haha, that joke was awesome!"
Mary: "Wait, I don't get it."

Person: "Mary's so quiet!"
Friend: "Are you kidding? She doesn't shut up!"

Friend: "We're not gonna win!"
Mary: "Not with that attitude! Go!!! SPARTANS!"
by AnOtHeR_mArY October 24, 2009
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Absolutely beautiful on the inside and out. Has infectious laughter and always brightens up the room with her gorgeous smile.
Mary busts out in laughter and everyone can't help but smile.
by Mary's friend Ali February 03, 2010
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A very outgoing, amazing person. She is always there for you when you need her most. She loves to make you smile and wont hesitate to make a joke out of almost every uncomfortable situation. She is the best friend you can have.
Her: I cant believe he left me.

Mary: Dont worry girl, Hey! at least now we can go out clubbin'!
by Hunie February 04, 2010
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1. The prettiest girl I've ever seen
2. Someone who I never get bored with
3. Someone who is completely understanding
4. She is sooooo interesting and thoughtful
5. Someone who is spontaneous
6. A girl that will be honest with you
7. The one who will always be there for me
8. Someone who takes care of herself
9. My bff
10. The one I love
I <3 Mary
by biGdog372 November 11, 2012
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