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1. A person amazingly talented in bed
2. A generous soul
3. A diva who likes things a particular way
1. Last night he told me I pulled a mary sarah and wanted to marry me!
2. You are so kind to strangers, such a mary sarah.
3. Goodness, she is a mary sarah, never happy with the way I do things.
by EkaraJericho September 11, 2016
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A wannabe hipster with a camera. Always following the trends even if they aren't fashionable. She is popular because she has money and people love to use her for it. Will kiss your butt and always compliment you. Is a lier but tries to act nice about it. Loves to go after her friends ex boyfriends. Is Taylor Swifts wannabe number 1 Fan.
"Don't be a Mary Sarah"
"If you wear that you'll look like a Mary Sarah"
by KittyKatBitchandSam July 22, 2017
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