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Definition: He is a guy in my twn who is rele fit and sexy!!
Background: not much is know of his backround but he got kicked out of sumwhere and is now scabbin muny of every fuker!! But who cares he is rele fit and me and my mate got a kiss of him last nite!!! KERCHING !!!!
Gen: Chloe is that marcus
Chloe: Nah dont think so
Gen: OMG thats Marcus coz he got his sleve up lol!!
Chloe: yea omg
Hi marcus im chloe nice 2 meet u
Gen: yea im genette
Marcus: wots ur last name genette
Gen: ummmmmmm Genette genette
Chloe: lol who cares ur rele fit can i have a hug ?
Gen: yea me 2
Marcus: ok only if u open my beer
Chloe: Ok

Gen: omg we got a kiss and hug from marcus
Chloe: yea y did we have 2 go home we cuda stayed wid him !!
THE END!!!!!!!!!!!
by Random gal !!! January 01, 2005
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