A roleplay game that is very addicting. It becomes boring around level 50. There are different jobs:
Rouge, Bowman, Magician, and Warrior.
You advance to one of those at level 10. (8 for magician)
Once you get to level 30, you choose the next path you're going. There are many different choices, but choose wisely.

It is very chibi, and there are various noobs. There are also "hidden maps", called "hidden-streets."

The official website is:
And you can't join Scania, because its full.
In the game, Maplestory, message nightwingz. (I'm on Scania)
Good luck. :
by Rei. July 11, 2006
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damn good mmorpg. kinda like the old super mario games, but with an rpg and change-ur-clothes twist.
bob: yo, i play Everquest and its da bomb
me: everquest sux cuz u gotta pay
bob: well maplestory just plain sux
me: but its free :)
by pikle March 02, 2005
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the game that ex-runescape players play when they get tired of runescape. its that much better...
"do you play runescape?"

"not any more, maplestory is way better. i remember playing runescape. it sucked badly."
by notaznbutmexi-Can March 18, 2009
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The story of the symbol that appears on the Canadian flag, the maple leaf.

It's not about the boring overanimed MMORPC (Massively Multiplayer Online Rigged Piece of Crap) that some Koreans stole the name from because they don't know about copyrights.

Jealous bastards.

Canada fight back!
Person 1 - "Do you play Maplestory, all the cool Asians are playing it!"

Person 2 - "I don't want to play a game about the history of the maple leaf of Canada."

P1 - "But it's not! It's this anime ba..."

P2 - "Oh crap that's worse! Most good Anime died before the 2000s."

P1 - "But Bleach..."

P2 - "...Is an overlonged piece of crap just like Maplestory."
by The Phantomnaut May 26, 2009
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A highly addictive mmorpg that started with BETA in 2004 and was released towards the end of 2005. Even right now, there are hundreds of thousands of players. Probably even millions. This game is popular amongst different age groups and people of maturity level. It is extremely addictive and repetitive, yet fun.

You start as a beginner, citizen, and such. Then you can choose many different jobs, including new ones that were added like Wild Hunter, Battle Mage and Mechanics.. The game was once tedious due to difficulty and time wasted in leveling up, but it was improved. Imagine how the people who worked their asses off got to level 200 in the past and found out it is easier to level now?

MapleStory seems to be the only game that seems truly free and all benefits and advantages in their cash shop are time limited which makes the game fair to "free" players. Unfortunately, the game also has numerous jerks, morons, hackers and kill-stealers. This game has potential, and can be fun, but the community and hackers may turn you away. It sure did for me!

MOST people in this game can't share and think they own an entire map for themselves. There are only 20 channels and probably 13,000 people wanting to train in the same place. This game is like virtual drama all day, everyday.
*Person 1 is killing Twisted Jesters in MapleStory until Person 2 came along.*

Person 2: Yo, this is my map. cc plzzz before I ks you
Person 1: If I keep ccing for everyone, then where would I go?
Person 2: i dunno but if you stay I will ks u


*102 people are in the free market in channel 1 and someone disconnected everyone from the game and it's been going on for days without stopping*


*You just logged on into a map that you were in previously that is highly populated*

Stranger: cc plzzzzzz i was here first


*You are killing monsters and someone shows up on the map and wasn't happy you were already there. S/he claims you were ksing, so they call a high level friend to come bully you*
by Bubbles665 January 31, 2011
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A game by Nexon. It's a 2-D game that has cute graphics which stupid emo sluts find adorable. Ridiculously repetitive and chock full of lame enemies and attack skills. Its' really gay game and a waste of time which tends to ruin the player's social lives, assuming they had a social life to begin with. Players usually end up being hackers and cheaters by their second job advancement. The game is supposed to be free but everyone will end up spending money for Nexon cash or mesos eventually. All females that play this game have uni-brows,hairy legs and sound like men when they speak. Most female players are actually men anyway XD. If you are playing the game QUIT NOW for the sake of humanity. Hackers unite and burn Nexon down to the ground.
Major words and sentences used amongst the players. Maple Story

"noob" "fag" "lbbi" "pwned" "1337"
"I wish i know wat a vag looks like"
"nub" "hacker" "wtf" "stfu u fuckin fuck noob" "burn in hell u stupid piece of shit noob" "goddam all noobs to the fiery hell that is my hairy vag" "wat are boobs??" "gimme money" "suck my meso dry slut" "uber pwnage" "fuck zakum, fuck snails, and fuck goddam all u stupid sons of bitches that hacked my goddamn file."
"S> myself for 20mil, scrolljobs 3mil, lbbijobs 16mil@@@@@@@@@@@" "i luv bleach and deathnote and I'm a weabboo."

by nessbat111 August 16, 2008
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Also known as Maplevirus. Possibly the gayest game known to man. A complete waste of the world's bandwidth. The whole game is about killing retarded animals that look worse than a piece of crap after a mexican food eating contest. And to top it all off, you have retarded facial expressions and a bunch of immiture dick licks of 12 years old and some 30 year old pedifiles that think it is cool going around calling everybody n00bs and @sses.
Retard #1: wOw I'm like totally like going like to like go and like play like maple story!!111!!!
Retard #2: Wow!!111!! That's so sweEt dude! So am like I. Can I trade you my wooden sword for your penis helmet?
Retard #1: No way man. I will like trade with like somebody like else.
Sane Person: Get a f'n life retards.
Retard #1: Maplevirus is my life!!!!111!!!
Retard #2: What is a life?
Sane Person: Whatever.
by boogersniffer May 01, 2007
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