A strangely addicting MMORPG Maple Story is a simple online game. From simply or wasting your MP, (Magic Points) to the graphics. (easily changeable) All, if not, most, of the players are only playing because they want to communicate with their buddies. However, the community is weak and the censors are strict. The armor and weapons are extremely expensive, and it's lead by a failure company named Nexon. There are many private servers, but Nexon sends out their troops and deletes the private server. The game is often short for MS and MapleStory.
Maple Story is awesome, but Nexon fails.
by MisaTange July 05, 2009
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A popular online MMORPG based in Seoul, South Korea. The game has 50 million players worldwide, topping Ragnarok Online and Runescape combined. MapleStory is very unique it its on way. For example, the name of the game represents the fact that the maple tree supposedly disappeared from Korea, and the fact that one can show facial expressions through his/her/its character. The game can also be noted for its quality graphics (can be toggled).

The game has a (relatively) simple user interface that's easy to learn. That's what I found out the second I started playing.

When you crate your new character(s), he/she is automatically level 1. By training or doing quests, you can level up and get stronger. The max level is 200. Nobody in the game ever reached level 200.

Unlike some other MMORPGs, you don't choose your job or path in the beginning. There are five jobs: beginner, warrior, bowman, thief, and magician. You are automatically a beginner when you create your character, and can choose to become any of the other four later on. Some just stay a beginner, who are often called perman00bs.

There are three islands in the world of MapleStory--Maple Island (where you begin), Victoria Island (the island where you make the job advancement), and Ossyria Island (an island designed mainly for mid-high leveled people). On Ossyria, there is sub-continent called Ludibrium (Ludi), which is toy-themed. You can call it a continent of its own if you want.

There are three types of maps--town, field, and dungeon. Town maps often contain NPCs and shops. Field maps and dungeons usually contain monsters, the latter usually with a higher spawn rate and stronger monsters.

Training is basically killing monsters for experience (EXP). You need EXP to level up and get stronger. You can form parties (up to six in one)to help you train. Depending on how you look at it, training can be f-cking boring or very exciting.

This is not all of what MapleStory is and what you need to know about it. If you wanna know more, create an account and play.
(based on statistics, not bias)
A guy distributes a poll to ten online gamers. He wants to know which is the best of the three : MapleStory, Runescape, or Ragnarok Online.

Six say MapleStory.
Three say Ragnarok.
One says Runescape.
by BTtheHun February 21, 2007
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A fun korean based game where the object is to beat the hell out of snails, slimeballs, stumps, dinosaurs, GOLLEMS (dark and white), and a bunch of other crap. Download at www.mapleglobal.com. In the game you can also buy rather expensive items like armor, weapons. At level ten you can take up a job and get more power. You can become a Warrior (use swords, axes, maces, blunt weapons, pole arms), a thief (use throwind stars or daggers), a Bowman (bows and crossbows), magician (wands and staffs)(pretty overpopulated job)
n00b 1 "I want to be thief so i can beat the hell out of stumps with throwing stars."
n00b 2 "I want to be a bowman so I can beat the hell out of gollems with a bow."
noob 3 "Well you guys are all douches cuz you wanna be those people. I want to be a warrior so I can look tough and cool"
n00b 4 "Wow you are g@y, (you cant say gay on MapleStory) i want to be a mage so i can kill-steal all of you with powerful magic"
THE REAL NOOB "I want to be a n00b forever cuz people help n00bs level up"
by A level 29 Bowman March 03, 2005
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A game resembling A hentai orgy made up of snail's, pig's, mushroom's, all differant colors , and ocationally extremly flexible creatures called slimes. All of them are near the same size and appear to be the same gender.Humans can join in aswell. To play you must first download what people say is the "free" game from nexon, but is really a money sucking, repetitive and addictive game that makes boys and girls in thier late teens, who cant get bfs and gfs, spend thier parents life savings on nexon cards from 7 eleven, to accesorise thier 2D characters and get extra flashy attack items to help intensify thier orgys with others. After spending all thier money on nexon cards, they end up getting hacked by randome 12 year olds that have better social lives than they do, and so they commit suicide
19 year old Boy: "Well i offered $1,000 to that prostitute but she said i just wasnt worth it!?."

Nexon Website: " Any girl will be happy to fck you! Getting laid in maple story is as easy as pressing your down arrow key!"(litterally people do that)

19 year old boy: Wow fck college, im paying thousands of dollars and im still not getting laid, i'll just play maple story for the rest of my life and get some each and every day!
by ZayBallerr November 04, 2009
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A side-scroller MMORPG currently still in beta that consists of little custom chibi characters you can equip armor and weapons on. Is often criticized for having snails as the basic monsters when those who criticize haven't even gotten far enough into the game to kill higher level monsters. Is also criticized for being very similar to Ragnarok Online, for the job advancement concept, menu design, etc. Contains a swear filter much more sensitive than RO's, though.
Warning: Is terribly simple but terribly addictive.
by WaffleyGoodness April 16, 2005
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A addictive game that is better then sex, yet worse then drugs. :O
I Love MapleStory
Hey, let's go play some MapleStory.
Do you play MapleStory?
MapleStory is teh secks.
by MaryXCORE December 07, 2007
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Maple Story cartoony anime game made in korea basically about killing monsters.Suprisingly addicting I reccomend you might not want to play unless you can control your addiction and yeah it's over run by a bunch of ignorant kids and stupid Naruto fans.A game features a cash shop full of cloths,Double EXP cards,Super mega phones and other useless items the devilish company of Nexon want kids to buy even if they did steal they'er parents credit card or hacked they'er PayPal acount.
is basically killing monster which is a cycle,kill monster "Wooooooooooooot i got lvl up lololololz ^_____^"
however there is a thing called a Party quest also know as pq@@@@@ which is suposed help which it does up until a certain level and plus the community is the big problem other that it slows down at level 40 unless you're a hacker which can get to level 70 in a week.
Maplers attend to have various phrases towards others such as
Person whos 3 levels higher than you:omg ur a noob
Random and desprit girl/guy: WANNA BE MY GF/BF,(or looking for gf/bf@@@@@@@@@@@)
Stupid:CC Plz (it means change channel if you did not know)
Moron: hey everybody defame xxx (insert reason why)
Noob: mesos plox (even high levels does this dressed up like "noobs")
To handle the jerks on Maple Story is either don't type anything to them or tell them Naruto sucks that will make them real mad or better yet ask how did they get they'er Nexon item then tell them they stole they're mommy's credit card.
So as you can see little kids who act like they have balls play this game.
After getting beat in a card game on Maple story
Stupid:omfg u cheated,turn the cheats off,i report u
Smart person: Wow how old you and did you flunk grammer school?
by NotBroken August 28, 2007
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