"Are Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the English version (The Treaty of Waitangi) the same?"- No. Te Tiriti o Waitangi confirms Maori authority and sovereignty, while the English version states that Maori gave their sovereignty to the Queen - this is a total contradiction. Oh and you may be interested to know that it is the only Treaty in the world that is not written in the countries native tongue first and then translated into English. The Maori language version is still not recognised by our government today.
To all those people who have made flippant comments about the Treaty without bothering to do your research, I suggest you pull your heads out of your backside and then attempt an educated debate. Spell check is a great tool as well. I am a Pakeha, but feel ashamed and sick to the stomach to be one when I read what has been written on this site.
by MissSickToDeath May 22, 2012
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The Indigenous ethnicity of New Zealand. Colonised by the British from the 1760s onward, they have been politically, economically and socially marginalised. This is marginilisation is perpetuated by institutionalised racist views such as the first five entries of the term 'Maori' in UrbanDictionary, (those people should get a life - we are all human beings here,stop being so God Damn racist, if you hate us so much than leave NZ) Maori have a very distinct culture, and their values on law and living are almost contradictory to that of the colonisers. Maori have communal and collective way of life as opposed to the western ideology of every man for himself. The Treaty of Waitangi (ceding of sovereignty) in 1840 was signed in two different versions, between Maori and the Crown. The different versions are the basis for Maori and Pakeha conlict in the present day - they each imply something different. Ancient Maori were exceptional seafarers, navigators and astrologers, originating in south east asia, and travelling by canoe (waka) through the Pacific Islands (Tahiti and the Cook Islands) through to New Zealand 1700 years ago. Colonisation and loss of land bought along a substantial economic loss.
Maori are to New Zealand, what Aborigine are to Australia. We are not greedy, or parasitic, and the person who stated that most certainly has a small penis, as degrading others is usually a means by which to cover up self imperfections, usually to do with having a missing ballsack or small dick.
by Miss Sham October 16, 2005
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People of New Zealand that are not "Once Were Warriors" stereotypes, one of the many cultures within New Zealand.
"Kia ora koutou"
"Haere Mai"
by Anonymous March 01, 2005
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Maori are from Aotearoa or more easily said " New Zealand " ...The people of the land ...tangatawhenua...In 1840 the Treaty Of Waitangi was signed between the British & Most maori tribes...As much as the British thought they out smarted the Maori back then..little did they know that the Maori would evolve and use the Treaty against them by using the very law that was created to work against them...Maori are often blamed for wanting more than the uneducated europeans of New Zealand feel they deserve...read the history and understand it before making outburts against Maori Treaty claims...Maori are only working within the law created like anyone else...European extremists blame Maori for oppressing the country from going forward...Maori righfully blame the government...As it is the govenment that controls the country...Maori are New Zealanders " kiwi's" like anyone else born n breed in this beautiful country..Unfortunately like all cultures Maori too have their own extremists & activists which seem to draw more negative attention to the culture than positive...however, these people do not represent every Maori out there in the world...Maori do unfortunately represent a high percentage of those in prison and on welfare..but we as Maori should not blame anyone other than ourselves for such percentages.....In general Maori are spiritual people. The Maori Battalion is still regarded as one of the most feared battalions to have ever fought in the Worl War...
by Shagsternz1 February 06, 2010
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The native people of Aotearoa. They are a proud race rich in culture and tradition. One of the last Polynesian (if not World) nations to settle. They are the Hawaiians of the South Pacific in the fact that they were also overrun by White people and live under their rule.
The haka is one of the only remaining cultural traditions Maori have. People everywhere from Aotearoa to Hawaii to even the mainland U.S. perform it not to discrace it, but to sustain it's cultural value.

It's a part of life--shit happens. It's the way that you overcome these obstacles as a people and carry on in life and the future that's often the hard but most important part.
by NATIVEboyCHEEHUU September 29, 2006
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Of Polynesian decent from New Zealand and the Cook Islands. New Zealand Maoris are always considered the WARIOR race and very proud people. Wiped out the ORRIGINAL SETTLERS of NEW ZEALAND known as the MORI ORIES. Amazing singers yet only know a few cords on the guitar. Most Maoris define themselves by their TRIBE, the biggest being Mount Eden O Tamaki makautau. A common feature of a New Zealand Maori is a runny nose, big lips and big shoulders. The Cook Islands Maori are a little more quiet and not so violent as their NZ Maori cousins. Each of its 15 islands have a slight difference in its language to eachother. Woman are known for their fast dancing and great welcomers to outsiders. The mean shake their knees in dance yet depending on the island can also have a small violent streak. Cook Island Maoris came from Tahiti and all 3 peoples share very common ground in language only. A common feature of a Cook Island Maori is being black, big shoulders, big lips and fat, wide feet.
far out Hemi can sing. true but he can only play those 3 cords on the guitar

6 feet tall, black hair, medium to large build, big lips and is Maori was seen fleeing a bank robbery.

Kia Orana and welcome to Aitutaki, how can I do you?
by kieran51 November 10, 2010
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