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a sorry ass football team that losses more than they win... there equipment is older than New Jersey it’s self, there helmets are brought from the 1$ store and there coaches only coach to get away from there wife’s and some of them don’t even know how to coach... the only good part about playing for the mansfield cowboys is after all that hard work watching the appointments score reach the age of your grandparents and sweating from running down that stupid long hill it that you get to take home your jersey in a frame and a 2ft tall trophy.. now if you live in mansfield the only good sport to do is greece up your right hand and go to work #mansfieldcowdoysblow
Dad 1- Hey so i heard your son is playing football.. for what team

Dad 2- Mansfield Cowboys

Dad 1- I’m sorry
by Larry Hurshaw June 26, 2018
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