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/man•op'•pO•lee/ n. the situation of being the only single, straight male in a large group, especially in the workplace.
Jay: Is the new guy in the Compliance department married or gay?
Paige: Why?
Jay: Cuz I like being the only straight, single guy in this company. Lots of pretty girls here, and only me to flirt with.
Paige: that's creepy.
Rick: No, he's just trying to protect his manopoly.
by El Jay April 05, 2007
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A company, party, assembly, group, club or gathering that is dominated/staffed largely by men. See "sausage fest".
We showed up during Ladies Night, but sadly it turned out to be largely a manopoly.
by rcdaley June 07, 2007
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How married men maintain their mistresses, instinctively reappearing just as said mistress is about to move on. Manopoly is a check in on his territory just often enough to ensure there is no room for competitors to move into his market.
I was going to go out with that new guy I met, but it's been 3 weeks since I heard from (married boyfriend's name) and I think we are playing Manopoly this weekend. I don't want to miss that.
by Can'tThinkOfAHandle June 09, 2016
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