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an office game for yuppies and geeks

1. go to an office meeting

2. write down every newspeak term or off-the-cuff phrase

3. when you have five new ones, or five old ones from the official list ( you should have a keeper of the list), mumble "bingo" just loud enough for the people next to you to hear
Collect phrases like :

"moving forward" (in the future)

"Growing the business"

"mental bandwidth"


"develop a plan around"

"Scrubbing" (as in checking over a list)

"partner with" (in reference to another work group)


Then for each meeting make a mark next to each one you hear, and write down the potential new ones. Five marks is a bingo!

(overheard coming out of a meeting) "Hey, I won management bingo today!"
by P Taylor February 17, 2008
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