A referral to one's self, especially prevalent in the greater London area among young street men. "Mans" is fairly similar to the U.S. usage of the n-word among African-Americans as it is extremely frequently thrown around in the U.K.'s "grime" genre of music, and on the streets.
"I said babe, mans not hot; I tell her, mans not hot." -Big Shaq

"U see, mans is de best footbol playa in east London, ya dun know"
by Guido Luigi Fettucini Alfredo October 27, 2020
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When talking about another male, "mans" is probably one of many correct choices
by DasWonton January 14, 2021
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Slang for boyfriend. Often used when complaining about being single or in disbelief that a girl is in a relationship.
"I wish I had a Mans who would buy me nice things."

"Can you believe Sally got a Mans but I'm still single?"
by ElixaEm January 05, 2018
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a man is someone who identifies as a man and then there's the man meme.
"Tommyinnit is the man and the best"
by November 05, 2020
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Hows your mans doing?
by [owo] September 19, 2018
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