1. One who takes responsibility for their own actions.
2. One who is aware of the consequences of their actions, both to themselves and to others.
3. One who takes whatever action they judge necessary to take, without complaint.
4. One who fears nothing.
I am a man; I am also male. In this definition, a child may be a man, a woman may be a man (there are plenty of examples of this), and one who is a man by gender may also not be a man (there are plenty of examples of this, too.)
by Cuyahogen March 29, 2009
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1. Man - A word used to address another, particularly in america.

2. Man - Human Being
1. "Dude, man, like, that dude over there just totally rocks, man.

2. "There is a man named Charlie who will meet you at the dock, give this money to him."
by Joe February 21, 2005
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home boy(s), friend(s), mate(s), people you hang around with.
ive got bare mans up my yard OR my mans chatting shit
by tom and steve October 25, 2003
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Something you say when everything goes wrong.
Man, this just sucks.
by Colony September 20, 2003
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What your son will become. Raise him right.
Just have a penis and you'll be a man. What is all this "you aren't a real man UNLESS"...crap meanwhile you have definitions for woman like "What your daughter will become. Raise her right." Like you just have to have a vagina and be 18 but somehow only 1 out of every million men is a "real man" by some other bollocks definition. Time to set that bs straight.
by ihatemgtowlosers October 11, 2014
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1.) opposite of female; containing a penis

2.) one who is typically bashed on (look at the other definitions) by females mostly due to the fact that males make *sarcasm* horrible, chauvinistic, and awful definitions about females. Although the definitions for females are generally non-sexist and sometimes fairly nice, very little seem to be sexist.

3.) also stereotyped by females to only want a relationship for "ass", and not to give a care in the world about the girlfriend as long as he gets some. Although many, many, many males are perverted, this doesn't mean they are pussy maniacs and hell bent on sex. Some of them do however only want it for sex, but these low lifes can easily be spotted and any honest girl could avoid a relationship with him.
Male urban Dictionary user: *looks up woman* these aren't that bad and anyone who makes a big deal out of them are fucking ridiculous. Maybe our female counterparts made some good definitions about males. *looks up man* The fuck is this hypocracy?
by JusticeForBreakfest December 27, 2010
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Tentative name given to a male acquaintance or friend whose name you've totally forgotten.

Reasons for forgetting include: Not seeing them in a long time, forgotten name after being introduced, and/or too inebriated to function properly.
Friend: James! How have you been, it's been so long!
You: Hey man! Great to see you! I'm doing well!
by LurkerP March 29, 2010
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