A misunderstood creature in this heedless world. He seeks to find happiness, so he chases wealth, power, fame and love of women endlessly in despair and emptiness. The society around him targets him as a primary audience, because he is suppose to be the "bread bringer," so he is constantly expose to the lies of pornography, lottery, get rich schemes, scams.... and even after so many ventures, tends to hide his discomfort and pain, because society told him that "a real man doesn't cry." He wants to be a great son, a loving husband, provider, sustain-er, protector and a compassionate father, but is often misunderstood by the opposite gender as one and the same and acquires labels such as pimp, playa, perv.....His life is forever empty.... He live only through the eyes of others, so he ventures his entire life just so he can be called a man.
He will be a fine man one day

Be a man

Man up
by Failure that does hardwork April 14, 2013
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The prefix added to a word to make it manlier, as in manpurse (a manly purse), manswer (a manly answer) and mancave (a manly cave or place for a group of men).

Special note: Sometimes it is necessary to replace the first syllable of the word for man- as in the example, manwich, a manly sandwich which contains a unusual amount of meat.
Sally: Geez Joe, do you always masterbate in a pool of sharks while juggling flaming chainsaws?

Joe: Don't you know anything? I'm not masterbating, I'm MAN-sterbating!
by ghostsquad October 06, 2011
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Man is the creation of man, both in the biblical and the biological sense.

The biblical in regards to our greatness. A greatness which is so great that, in fact, we have to conceptualize a God or superior being which has no legitimate evidence (apart from theoretical and idealogical texts) of its existence.

Man is God, and therefore man creates God, just as man creates man.

In biological terms, man creates man through simple fucking. Whether it be through lust, or lust and love, we create an offspring to kick off what we call the next generation of human - that is, the next generation human which is relevant to our time of existence. And so on and so forth.

In truth, if there is any meaning to life, it's to learn, develop oneself, and to create. Whether it be through love making, solving a mathematical equation using creative original methods which have been spawned from derivatives created by other mathematicians, or simply exercising one's brain and physique and establishing ones own rules and ethics in order to improve thyself, man's potential lies within man itself.

Man is the general conception of the human being. Male and female, or female or male; it doesn't matter.
For thousands of years man has evolved and developed through the creation of solid objects, fundamentals which have lead to concepts, ideals, and breeding.

We have invented languages; given meaning to our own morals, existences and the items which we take under our wings as ownerships; and discovered the unknown by setting forth to conquer to and to achieve.

"Not because they are easy, but because they are hard."

We are the representation of the perfect being. So perfect, that we have to think of perfect as a complete step up far and beyond our own expectations, which we invent ourselves (the irony is that this perfection can be achieved, because we can conceive of it and understand it). We even invent the concept of conscience, or thought.

These simple things are what carve dirt roads on the pathways, only to be paved by cement and thus studied in order to create more resourceful and effective materials to cover with once more. That is evolution; we define evolution in simple day-to-day life. It's the highest form of comprehension.

What lies beyond that? We do not know, nor can we comprehend. We're simply not ready for that...yet.
by the product of thought May 04, 2010
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Someone who wouldn't make the following mistakes:

The "Dear editor" entry for the definition of "man" endorses descrimination, despite quoting the rules: "Entries can document discrimination but not endorse it".

"90% are useless, worthless arseholes" - that applies not to men, but rather to users of urban dictionary, which is a small subset of "people".

The entry is also duplicated several times.
Man: I am a man.

Woman: Yes I can see that and I am very impressed.
by E Way October 22, 2012
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A word used to describe any person over the age of 18 who is created from the XY chromosome pair. In more a more every-day use of the word, "Man" can be used to address someone, express annoyance and concisely state that someone is masculine.
Person 1: Hey man, what's up?
Person 2: Not much.

Person 1: We've got maths next have you done the homework?
Person 2: Oh man!

Person 1: What do you think of Ollie Smith?
Peron 2: He IS MAN!!!!!!
by CatsArePro November 02, 2010
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a "man" can be defined by one of these three terms

1) dork

2) jerk

3) taken

I could go years before meeting an eligible man.
by dmannyjojo December 28, 2005
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an interjection that is used in situations of surprise or dissappointment. Used in the place of "damn" or even "whoa". May be considered regional and more so used in the Texas or Louisianna and surrounding areas. Can be cross used with "meng" esp. when stretched in its use (example 2 below)
Person 1: "Yo, you see my car with the new candy paint?"
Person 2: "MAN!"

Person 1: "She just bitched slapped her man in the face!"
Person 2: "MAAAAAN!"
by Simmies July 26, 2005
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