One who defies peer pressure in the pursuit of happiness; regardless, of success or failure.
Man, everyone disagrees with you, no one comes around anymore, what are you going to do?
Well, I'm not hurting myself, or anyone else. I'm content with myself and my life. Maybe I'll
go by there tomorrow or years from now; but one thing is for certain, one day they will see
things my way...
by the Good Son May 20, 2013
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A person with two heads.
For a man, unfortunately, the smaller and less talented of his two heads defines the course of action in the vicinity of a person with one head.
by Ki Pe September 08, 2006
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A male human. Can be one of the following:

Man 1: Very average as a human. Likes sex more than the average woman, and doesn't think there's anything wrong with a strong woman. Very neutral.

Man 2: Bastard. Thinks men are the rulers of the earth, while women are simply meant to do all their cooking, cleaning, and cock-sucking. However, when a woman thinks women are superior or manipulates him, he gets mad and says all women are sluts. When a feminist criticizes him for his dick-headed opinions, he automatically labels her as a lesbian. Generally pretty stupid and easy to make a fool of.

Man 3: Either on the sweet side or neutral. Has more on his mind than sex. Unfortunately, is not into women.

Man 4: A REAL man. Is very sweet, when paired with the right woman, may be willing to please her almost to the point of servitude. Contrary to popular belief, this kind of man actually does exist. Often called "pussy-whipped" by other men. Unfortunately, many women do not understand what they have when they have this kind of man and may end up turning him into type 2.
Dovey: And what are your thoughts on strong women?
Man 1: I guess I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Women pretty much have been treated like crap since the beginning of time.

Man 2: Scrub the flo, bitch, then cook my dinner and give me some head!
Dovey: You lame excuse for a human. I feel as if talking to supercilious, fucktarded, machoistic piles of excrement such as yourself causes my IQ to decline.
Man 2: ... Suck my dick.
Dovey: No thanks, I'm not into beastiality.

Dovey: Well, you've been pretty polite throughout the time we've talked.
Man 3: Thank you, so have you.
Dovey: Justin Timberlake's a cute white boy.
Man 3: Meh, I prefer black guys.
Dovey: ...Dammit...

Man 4: (Actual quote) Woman: 1)what i live my life for.2) should be placed on a pedestal.3) the gender of the human race that will not love any of these perverts that write this horrible shit about them.4)everything a real man cares about
i would give everything i have for that woman.
Dovey: ...You are such a sweetie. The world would be a much better place with more men like you.
by Dove's Touch September 10, 2006
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Måns is a word used to describe a very talented or/and humble person. The orgin of this word is somewhat uncertain, but some scientists belive that it may have sprung from a person whoms name actually was Måns, and that this person did many great things to uphold the rights of every human being. The word Måns have multiple uses, it can also describe, for example, a finely crafted object made by a master, the word saying that it is a fine object indeed, and that is perfect in every little detail. The word also means "man who will rise above all others", and "creator of all", in many languages. A person who is a Måns is likely to be the subject of small-scale harassments from his near friends, having realized that they never will reach to the level of perfection of the Måns, and thus they become jealous and bitter. But Måns don't judge them becouse of this, he knows it not his place to judge fools.
Damn Willie, you gave me such an orgasm last night I could've sworn it was a Måns fucking me there. (Girlfriend to boyfriend at breakfast)
by Cea February 05, 2004
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