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The dog whisperer is widely known in america as a teacher to tame mans best friend in america the dog. Similar in teachings but for the primate known as man or sometimes called children of god there are MAN whisperer's to teach tame and cultivate a population of humans to be civil and obedient in order for a prosperous community may arise which benefits everyone equally in justice peace and stability.
Jesus is truly the Man whisperer on planet earth. All shall submit in time as taming procedures an ongoing effort with each new littler or generations :)
by solomon sami azar April 09, 2010
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A beautiful intelligent woman that can train men and make them obedient to her. Men instinctively respond to her natural dominance and want to please her because she is so beautiful.
Niranjana is a man whisperer
by Mr. Bickle May 02, 2012
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