When a girl wakes up in the morning not quite feelin like pdiddy and her voice sounds like that of a man's.
I woke up this morning and when i talked to lauren it sounded like i had man voice.

Woah! that girl has some intense man voice! she sounds like sean connery

i was going to call you when i got up, but then i realized i had a bad case of man voice
by mahsita69 March 17, 2010
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Man-Voice is all about sounding as manly as possible and can be used in many areas of life. Take an ordinary word like "banana" or "paper clip" (well technically that's two words but stfu) or like... "poncho", and suddenly it sounds incredibly manly and assertive. Saying the word/phrase quickly and clearly is also vital in creating the perfect lulz.
It's fun to do and is very lultastic if done right. Saying "BANANA HAMMOCK." boldly and triumphantly in like... Target or something, yeah, that definitely contributes to what Man-Voice is all about: randomness and a manly way of doing so.
While driving past a father and his young son, I triumphantly Man-Voiced out the car window: "MAN AND CHILD".

When I was at the store selecting apples to put into a pie, I held up the perfect apple and boldly declared, in my most triumphant Man-Voice, "RED DELICIOUS IS NUTRITIOUS".
by Sarah loves YOOOOOU October 17, 2007
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Name given to Cassie by McPimp due to her distinctive? voice.
Yep Man Voice was over at Dale's last night riding raw
by Z February 25, 2004
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