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The act of having another dude's wiener in between your big and index toes.
"Some dude just gave me a man sandal in the hot tub"
by c1c1c1 April 16, 2010
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Warm weather footwear constructed of wide straps that do not cover the entire foot and are to be worn by men. Typically worn with straps that are retained at the ankle as well as the toes of the foot. These can be constructed of leather or fabric and must be of pronounced masculinity in appearance. These sandals can be worn as dress, casual, or active wear. Not to be confused with non-manly, light colored, open healed flip-flop type sandals or narrow strapped high-heeled sandals for women.
I was thinking of getting a pair of man-sandals, but I don't know, they still sound sort of gay. But then I saw my friend's Tivas, and knew I had to get a pair. Other examples are those worn by the ancient Greek men.
by Edo1 May 21, 2006
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