homoerotic, but not quite homosexual activity between two males; pairs nicely with "sausage fest"
Derrick and Dillon were in the dogpile sweating, and a moment came along filled with man love.
by strubinator April 10, 2004
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When two or more men show a deep love and affection towards eachother. This may be two or more men kissing, hugging, canodling, playign with eachothers hair, etc. Most commonly, they are gay. However, this does not occur when a man shows love towards a woman who looks like a man.
You see a man squeeze another mans butt on an escalator.
You then sigh and say "Man love".
by ur-mum October 26, 2006
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the special love that only another man could show and understand and give to another man
I found it difficult to explain the love I felt for Karl, so I showed him by giving him the biggest filthiest hot karl my body could muster.
by mickyhomer August 19, 2003
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When 2 guys suck/fuck/felch/rim
man every guy in #GayDeviants jsut loves some sweet, sweet manlove
by Amidamaru February 02, 2006
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the act of a man fucking, blowing, licking, fondling, rimming, anal kidney punching and all sexual acts on another man, or in some fucked up cases, a boy.
Hey, I dropped the soap. Why don't you bend over so I can man-love you?

Awwwwwww those two guys are in man-love.
by Paolo Perfecto October 20, 2006
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