When you see a girl who is surrounded by 3 or more guys who obviously have no chance of getting with her.

Extremely common at colleges with large differences in the amount of males and females.

For example, Georgia Tech has about a 2 : 1 ratio between guys and girls. However, because a large part of the female population is not enrolled in engineering, which the majority of males are enrolled in, to the average male student at Georgia Tech, the ratio usually appears to be 3:1 or greater.

This disparity in gender causes many males to become desperate for female company/companionship, thus seeking out any girl who displays even the smallest bit of friendliness toward them.

The females themselves, who may or may not have ever received this much attention from the opposite gender, are also happy to receive the attention given to them by multiple guys.

Unfortunately for the males in the man halo, the companionship they receive from the female is usually the result of her seeing them as only friends. Thus becoming part of a man halo usually results in the male cock blocking himself.
Man, did you see Jessica with her man halo of nerds?

Even the ugly the girls at Georgia Tech have a man halo because of the horrible guy to girl ratio.
by j03.133 April 14, 2009