/man fan/

when an object, creature, or human being passes away during the event of their current habitat increasing to the 97th degree.

this rare phenomenon begins when the aforementioned subject returns to its original state, secretes sweat profusely, and imagines a vicinal window becoming ajar. the current outdoor climate must be in homeostasis with the subject's habitat, maintaining the window's sealed status.
Man fan died at the room shot up to 97 degrees.
by ppanders February 3, 2012
A man who is attracted to other men.
Dude, he's such a man fan!

Stop checking me out. Dont be such a man fan!

What, are you a man fan?
by all the names are taken August 25, 2006
When a man takes his penis and waves it around like a fan.
"Your man fan is cooling me down quite nicely..."
by HashMe September 20, 2005
man fan: (noun) 1. a mans bottom
2. a womans furry lower areas
objectively: there is a man fan.
subjectively:look at the man fan.
adjectively: you look like a man fan.
by rizo299 March 11, 2004
a less offensive term for a non-heterosexual male, or at least a male perceived to be non-heterosexual
it is still tbd if man-fan should also be an insult for straight, but not heteronormative males.
by Sexydimma April 11, 2015
a mostly non-sexual enfatuation that a man has for another man. ussually due to the fanee having attributes that the fanner wishes he had.
"Jack sure is a man-fan of tyler Durden"
by KarlRichII July 24, 2006
When a man has a healthy admiration/obsession, towards a male celebrity that is predominately popular with the female gender.
"OMG, I love Harry Styles. I bought those boots he wore the other day so I can look like him. No homo though."
"You absolute man fan."
by Omnomatron January 1, 2015