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An underaged kid who thinks listening to music from a movement long before their time and wearing Hot Topic clothing defines them as "who they are". They can be seen hopping out of their mom's mini-van's at malls and travelling in groups of 3 or more because none of them are able to kick ass on their own. It's not hard to spot them amidst the other shoppers who are actually buying things, but you might have difficulty picking one out of his or her "pack" since they all look the freakin' same.
Bob: Damn, I'm sure glad we got jobs as mall security guards!
Larry: Heck yeah, now we get PAID to harass mall punks because they're idiots!
by criticaloversite January 12, 2004
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See also: mallcore. Someone who dresses "punk"(usually all black, with studs and chains, died black hair) but listens to crappy bands like Simple Plan, New Found Glory, and other Mallcore bands. This person usually has no idea why they dress this way other than it goes against "the man" and is the way they saw a REAL punker dress. Also thinks they are punk because they listen to Green Day, and usually has no idea who Clash, Ramones, Sex Pistols, or Black Flag are. Hangs out at the mall, where they only shop at Hot Topic.
You guys see that Mallpunk over there? I bet he likes to bump the new Good Charlotte record in his mom's minivan.
by Jon December 24, 2003
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an advocate of modern punk which really isnt punk at all. someone who supports the mtv punk musicians rather than the original 70s punk rebellion concept of a way of life, rather than a genre of music. someone who claims they are punk, but would rather waste their time hanging around a mall kissing ass than be an actual punk. a hot topic fly.
look at that mallpunk scalping tickets for a good charlotte concert.
by clockworkjaws December 29, 2005
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Gay adolescent or young man that cruise malls looking to get laid or turn tricks and make some cash off of a mall troll.
Eric has turned into such a mall punk. I've seen him leave with at least a dozen mall trolls and he's always got cash now.
by james savik September 24, 2009
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a genre of tshitty overrated pop-punk music popularized by bands such as sum 41, good charlotte, and simple plan. This type of music in no way relates to past meaning of punk, but takes on a new form in meaning partying, girls and shopping at malls. It's basically what hair bands were in the 80's, cheezy bullishit.
mall punk is so gay
by mystery January 15, 2004
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Posers who think they're punk because they buy cloths from Hot Topic and don't even know who the hell are The Clash, Romones, Sex Pistols, and black flag are. they like bands like New Found Glory, Good Charlotte, Simple plan, ect. Little sterotypical bastards.
Mallpunk: Lyke Omg! I'm so punk casue I bought this wrist band from hott topic!

Being punk isn't about the way you dress, it's about beign rebelious, protesting if you don't like something, and not caring of what others think.
by Saint Nikki January 06, 2005
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